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About MainStreetChamber

MainStreetChamber™, a National Membership Organization, provides interactive connections and opportunities that advance Small Business growth and profitability.

  • Fostering leadership by developing and engaging a wide network of business professionals
  • Strategic alliances with companies that offer relevant products and services for small business
  • Extending negotiated discounts of products and services to small business owners
  • Support system for small business owners and encouragement of member to member business
  • Giving back to our community by the group involvement with local charities and non-profit organizations
Mainstreetchamber, LLC, Insurance Services, Las Vegas, NV

In uncertain economic times so many organizations are problem focused, belaboring the frustration of ever tightening markets. MainStreetChamber™ is solution oriented, we help our members face problems and turn them into opportunities for growth and profit. We are redefining business and positioning ourselves through leadership and diversification; to not only make it during tough times, but to be poised for profit in the future.

We are a service oriented organization and encourage community involvement. MainStreetChamber™ supports multiple national Non-Profit Organizations as well as many local Non-Profit Organizations through the participation of members in each Chamber. Many of our networking events have a dual purpose to also raise funds, through the sale of donated products and services, for locally supported charities.

A successful leader is a visionary with a solid work ethic able to access multiple resources. MainStreetChamber™ offers an abundance of resources that provide members with the tools necessary for successful growth and profitability.

Free Lifetime Membership - Because of the strategic Partnerships and paid Sponsorships, on both the local and national level, MainStreetChamber™ is able to offer free memberships to small and home based business owners; providing ways to save, profit and get involved.

Free Admission - You will never pay a fee to attend a MainStreetChamber™ networking event, mixer or business expo. We encourage active members and will not slow the momentum of networking by charging fees to create valuable connections.

Low Cost Education - As a member you will also be given access to many educational opportunities through seminars/workshops/webinars with some major names in the business world and at affordable prices.

We provide our members with interactive connections and opportunities that advance Small Business growth and profitability.

Leadership Team

Local Leadership

MainStreetChamber would not be possible with out the amazing effort and energy of the local leaders. At the local level everyone from the Chapter President down to the Ambassadors deserve all the credit for putting on fantastic events and bringing the people in their community together.

John Bellave - CEO

John has assembled a seasoned and passionate management team that has your best interest in mind. After all, we realize the long-term success of MainStreetChamber™ is directly related to the success of our members. He has surrounded himself with a team of veteran leaders and visionary thinkers poised to take MainStreetChamber™ to the top of our industry. An ambitious goal no doubt, but one that the entire team shares and will pursue with unbridled passion, while honoring the company's values and goals with absolute integrity.

John's entrepreneurial spirit and leadership help drive the vision of MainStreetChamber™. A dynamic speaker, he is well respected in the relationship marketing industry and is considered by many, to be one of the most effective trainers and motivators in the Direct Sales Industry. John's experience, passion and vision will allow for future expansion into some of the strongest markets in the world.

He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife JoJo and his two daughters.


Larry Kozin - President

After spending many years in the Lead Generation Business for Insurance Agents, Larry concluded that a lead is simply a name & a number and the success or failure of any single lead was absolutely dependent on the ability of the Salesperson to develop a Relationship with that Prospect.

After many years of attempting more experiments than Edison, the Solution was finally revealed...

Larry was able to guarantee a 100% Appointment Ratio by reinventing the Broken Chamber of Commerce Business Model. The major component of the transformation was the utilization of the Universal Principle of Giving First...Expecting Nothing in Return...

By Granting a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to any Small & Home Based Business in North America, no Salesperson would ever again have to Purchase a Lead...instead, by simply inviting a Prospect to attend a MainStreetChamber Event, every prospect becomes an immediate Relationship...and that is a priceless commodity.


Richard Anzalone - Director of Global Expansion

Mr. Anzalone is a 23-year veteran of the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry. Mr. Anzalone specializes in compensation plans for the Network Marketing industry and has developed highly competitive, ground-breaking plans that are lucrative for both the company and independent distributors.

His business experience includes Quorum Intl, IGN, Natural World and Future-Net Online, Inc., Global Products, Inc., the Brain Garden, CandleWealth Intl, Ceregenex DTC and bHIP Global.

Mr. Anzalone was one of the highest grossing earners as well as one of the fastest growing distributors, of Future-Net Online, Inc. He has trained more than 50,000 distributors in his organization, coupled with designing and implementing systems and tools which the company adopted. Mr. Anzalone was previously an Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the company. Mr. Anzalone was responsible for re-structuring of the company and managing its rapid growth, increasing sales by 50%. He used a strategy of aligning the Company with several key suppliers, negotiating and implementing new product promotions, including a nutritional line, e-commerce and telecommunications services.


Sean Conway - CTO

A 15 year IT veteran with a wide range of skills and experience, is a man who somehow manages to combine high levels of experience and competence in the IT world, with a down to earth and easy to talk to demeanor. One of those rare individuals who really understands the nuts and bolts of technology, and who can also sit down and talk business with anyone. Able to take complex topics and make them easy for anyone to understand, Sean is the perfect CTO who has the ability to Plan, procure, and implement robust networks for any size operation, and who can also then keep them running, train a staff to keep running, or just let the boss know what "needs to be done"

Sean is a subject matter expert on; Web Design and Development, Programming, Server Operating systems (Microsoft, Unix, Etc), Personal Computing, Networking, Internet Hosting.

For a business that loves technology as we do, Sean is a fantastic asset to our team, and is a cornerstone of our plans for the near future.


Bob Firestone - COO

Bob has an impressive track record of facilitating growth. At 24 Bobby managed Silver State Trading Inc. As Vice President of Operations before moving on to become the director of education at the Commodity Trading School. His next challenge was tackling the direct sales industry where he rapidly gained experience and wisdom working for the top direct-sales producers. Since that time, he has been working closely with MainStreetChamber and is providing top level leadership as Chief Operations Officer. He resides in Las Vegas, and his hobbies are golf, computer programming and other generally geeky activities.


Jared Matteo - Executive Director

Wielding only the creativity of a writer's mind, his soul the ink, Jared J. Matteo has penned himself into the articles of MainStreetChamber™.

Contributing to our Weekly Newsletter and Press Releases, Jared has proven a unique and remarkable attention to detail and description.

As Executive Director, his analytical perspective is the key component to how we understand our own data and move with it.

Jared's methodical spirit empowers the engine that drives the vision of MainStreetChamber™ towards growth and profitability for all.